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30 Apr 2018

IOS2018 Gallery

Conference Tour

Korea Flower NH (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation; Korea Floriculture Agricultural Cooperative)

Korea Floriculture Agricultural Cooperative (KFAC), entirely invested by floriculture professionals for establishment in 1988, is an autonomous organization for floriculture producers which promotes economic and social status of approximately 2,100 current floriculturist members. KFAC has a fair and transparent floriculture distribution system that sells orchids and flowering plants produced by cooperative members through an electronic auction system. Moreover, KFAC is actively pursuing exports to China, Japan, the US, and others, while also being involved in direct sales and flower delivery service to the consumers. You will be able to see how orchids are being distributed and sold in Korea from here.

Korean International Orchid Show 2018

Korean International Orchid Show 2018, sponsored by Korea Orchid Growers Association and National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science of Rural Development Administration, will be held at KINTEX Exhibition Center (Goyang City). This exhibition is will exhibit a variety of orchids, including Oriental orchids, tropical orchids, and native orchids to the general public and professionals for 3 days. In particular, this exhibition will also showcase new cultivars from Korea.

Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Farm

In Korea, about 64.3 billion won of orchids are commercially produced in 163 ha of greenhouses, of which Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium account for 60% of sales. Fifty-four Korean cultivars of Cymbidium and several Phalaenopsis cultivars have been developed by plant breeders at the National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science. With a major market of Seoul nearby, the main production area is Gyeonggi Province, where approximately 58% of Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium are produced. This tour will show how Phalaenopsis is being cultured and bloomed in Phalaenopsis farms in Gyeonggi Province

Orchid Theme Park

It is an orchid farm, including 30,000 ㎡ of farm and exhibition greenhouse space, that is located in the outskirts of Seoul. The farm has collected and is preserving 3,000 varieties of wild and rare orchids, including tropical orchid, and even now, endless efforts are put into developing new varieties. Moreover, it is a unique type of interactive orchid park that operates an education center for visitors to experience orchid cultivation.