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The 3rd International Orchid Symposium

7-9 March 2018, Seoul, Korea

The 3rd International Orchid Symposium

7-9 March 2018, Seoul, Korea

The 3rd International Orchid Symposium

7-9 March 2018, Seoul, Korea


IOS 2018

The 3rd International Orchid Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Orchid Symposium (IOS 2018) during March 7-9, 2018 Seoul, Republic of Korea.

IOS 2018 will bring together a collection of investigators who are at the forefront of their field, and will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to interactively present their work and exchange ideas with established senior scientists. This program will include symposia, poster sessions and special discussions on wide range of session themes on orchid sciences.

This will be an opportunity to exchange information, engage in stimulating discussions and collaborate with your fellow members from around the world. We assure that our expert speakers will provide you with the most clinically relevant and up-to-date information.

The IOS 2018 has been organized by the Korean Society for Horticultural Science (KSHS) under the scientific sponsorship of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and has been convened by Dr. Ki Sun Kim. The event has been endorsed by the ISHS Commission Ornamental Plants and Working group ‘Orchids’.


Orchids have been becoming a world top flower species with rose with the beginning of a new century. It is such an honor to announce that the 3rd International Orchid Symposium (IOS) under the auspices of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) will be held in Goyang City near Seoul, Korea from 7 through 9 March, 2018. I sincerely welcome all the participants from around the world.

The main theme of this symposium is ‘From Conservation to Biotechnology in Orchids’, where from native to commercial orchid species, from conventional to advanced technology, classification and evolution, propagation, cultivation, post-harvest and marketing of orchids will be presented and discussed.

The symposium consists of three-day sessions. The first and third day include the invited lectures by world renowned orchid scientists and voluntary oral/poster presentations, and the second day is designated for the technical tour. During the technical tour, the members will visit research station, flower market, commercial orchid growers in the western part of Korea. The submission in this symposium will be given the opportunity to publish papers in Acta Horticulturae.

Goyang City has been well known as the main flower production and marketing region in Korea. Goyang International flower Exhibition has been held every year in the springtime since 1997. Goyang City is the home of most advanced flower growers as well as the Korea Flower Agricultural Cooperative and the Research Station for Cactus and Orchids. Asia Pacific Orchid Conference 2007 (APOC 2007) also was held successfully in Goyang.

It is meaningful that The Korean Society for Horticultural sciences (KSHS) and Korea Society for Floricultural Science (KSFS) host the IOS 2018 together with Goyang International Flower Foundation.
During the IOS period, there will be an International Orchid Exhibition near Venue where Korea bred new commercial flower varieties, Korea native flowers will be displayed as well as commercial orchids and Korea native orchid species.

We hope all of you will participate in the 3rd IOS and enjoy the beautiful orchids, flowers, scenery, and taste of dynamic KOREA.

Dr. Ki Sun Kim
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd International Orchid Symposium and Exhibition.



  • Located at the heart of metropolitan city of Seoul where business, leisure and culture thrive.
  • 413 spacious guestrooms present luxury and comfort. A total of 12 banquet rooms provide the right ambiance for all types of gatherings with the Grand Ballroom being able to serve 500-700 guests.
  • A wide and delightful array of international restaurants and bars provide a truly magnificent voyage through culinary refinements.

Address : Grand Ballroom, Grand Ambassador Hotel. 287 DongHoRo JoongGu Seoul Korea.
Tel : +82-2-2275-1101
Website : Grand Ballroom


  • Incheon Airport Highway → 88 Olympic Highway → Dongho Bridge → Straight at the Jangchung-Dong Rotary
    (Time Taken: approx. 1 and a half hour / 65km)
  • Take a train toward Seoul Station at Incheon International Airport Station to → Transfer to subway line 4 at Seoul Station → Transfer to subway line 3 at Choongmuro station → Get off at Dongguk Univ. Station
KAL Limousine Bus
  • Departs from the Airport’s KAL Limousine bus(No.6702) stop located at Exit No. 4A or Exit No.10B on the 1st floor.
    Bus Ticket is available at both the airport’s KAL desk.
    (Time Taken: approx. 1 and a half hour / Bus Fare: KRW 16,000)
  • Taxi Fare: KRW 80,000, 65Km
    (Time Taken: approx. 1 and a half hour)
  • Gimpo Airport → 88 Olympic Highway → Dongho Bridge → Straight at the Jangchung-Dong Rotary
    (Time Taken: approx. 50minutes / 32km)
  • Take a subway at Gimpo Int’l Airport (Line No.5) → Get off at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park → Takes 15min. by walk from Exit No. 6 (By Taxi KRW 4,000) (approx. 1 and a half hour)
Airport Limousine Bus
  • Take No. 6021 bus (KRW 7,000 / 60 minutes) → Get off at Toegyero 6-ga → It takes approximately 15 minutes on foot.
  • Taxi Fare: KRW 60,000, 32Km
    (Time Taken: approx. 1 hour)

Important Dates

Abstract Submission
15 OCT 2017
Early Registration
15 NOV 2017
Notification of Acceptance
30 NOV 2017
Submission of Full Paper
7 MAR 2018

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